Valo WordPress Theme

A Free yet Powerful Business WordPress Theme for Companies

Valo-Good Free Theme for Blogging

Valo is a free business website template. It comes with a simple and clean design. Just like most popular themes, Valo comes with a large slide area. In addition, it provides three featured image areas to showcase more products and service information. As a simple and clean theme, Valo is good for blogging and small business.

Key features

  • Complete free
  • Powerful Slide
  • Featured image showcase
  • Robust sidebar
  • Various Social Icons
  • Built with HTML5/CSS3
  • Cross Browsers Support
  • High Flexibility
  • Update your own logo and favicon

Powerful Slides

The slides play important role in the homepage. The well-designed slides can well express your product and service information to the customers who visits your site. Valo has moved a large step in this aspect. It provides a large slide area in the homepage. The top slideshow can display your key products to your customers in a fantastic way.

Featured image showcase

Aside slideshow, Valo provides image showcase to show your featured products. This area can help you provide more information to showcase your key products and service. With this image showcase, it is much easier to get your products or your professional portfolio noticed.

Robust sidebar

Adopting two-column design, Valo has built-in sidebar, which is very important in sites. With sidebar, you are allowed to add kinds or widgets to the sidebar for different purposes, for example, to promote your product, to get good Google ranking, etc.

Various Social Icons

Valo has provided various social icons such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and so on. You can easily add them to your site.

Cross Browsers Support

Valo works well with all popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10.

Upload your own logo and favicon

The Valo theme also gives you the option to upload your own logo to make your branding simple and seamless

Completely Free WordPress Theme

Valo is 100% free WordPress theme. And, it is very simple to use. With it, you are able to create your blog within several minutes. The well-designed homepage and structure can save you much trouble when building your site.

High Flexibility

Due to the latest coding technology, you can customize the Valo theme easily. For example, you can customize the header, the footer, the font, and more.

How to Display Pages’ Author And Categories Like the Posts Do

For different reasons, many people like their pages show categories just like the posts do; meanwhile, they would also want to add tags to the pages; to be concise, they want the pages act like posts.


So, how to do that?


In this weekend WordPress tip, I will show you how.


How to Show Categories and Tags on Page Editor


Lest start from how to get categories and tags to show on pages.


To make this goal, an simple plugin is needed. Here, Post Tags and Categories for Pages is a good choice. It is a free plugin, so you can search and download it in your plugin menu.


After you active this plugin, you can see the categories and tags you added to your posts appear on the page editor.



Now, you can assign your pages to categories and tags just that what you do to posts.


How to Show Dates & Categories on Pages


Once you publish a page after adding categories and tags, you may expect to see they show the categories and tags just like posts do, but you are wrong, and you will be frustrated as you may see nothing on the page.




To make pages show categories and tags on sidebar is easy, however, to make pages display categories and dates under the title like posts is another story. Different themes need to edit in different ways, and here, I will show one common way to you.


All this function is controlled by the template file in your theme. So, you need to find how your theme displays dates, categories for Posts, and do that for Pages in page.php so as to display them for Pages in the same way.


Here is what I do on Magee theme:


I copy this string of code from the Single Post (single.php):

And then paste it to Page Template(page.php) right above


<?php the_content();


Hit Update File button at bottom. Now, when I open a page; it just shows the date, author, and category as the posts do.


If you run any problem when carry out this operation, contact your theme author for help.

4 Best Free and Premium Slider PLugins Recommended

Slider is an important way to display your featured products or services on your homepage. Visitors are apt to hit eye-catching slides.

However, many site owners know little about slide, and the sliders on their site is too simple, only displaying images without decoration or transition effects. In fact, we can do more to our sliders.

These sites fail to make full use of the new features and functionalities of the sliders. Now, many free and premium slider plugins offer more and more features to sliders including layers and animations and parallax, transition effects, full width slides in homepage, and so on. To make more engaging and eye-catching sliders is much easier now.

The paragraphs below will share some great slider plugins with you, which will present you wonderful sliders.

LayerSlider (Premium)

The LayerSlider should be the best slider plugin so far; it includes almost everything you expect in a slider plugin.

This responsive plugin provides quite a long list of features, including 200+ transitions , 13 skins, and three navigation types.

One of the most awesome features of this plugin is that it supports adding unlimited layers to the slide, the layer can be image, video, audio, text or custom HTML content. In addition, 200+ transition effects should meet different needs.

This plugin costs $17 for a single license. Also, you can purchase Expend license which cost $85.

Tips: LayerSlider plugin is included in our Magee WordPress theme.

For details, see:

Meta Slider(Free and Premium)

Meta Slider is the most popular slider plugin among the same kind in WordPress Plugin Repository. It has been downloaded more than 1 million times to date.

This plugin comes with four different slideshow types- Nivo Slider (responsive, 16 transition effects, 4 themes), Flex Slider 2 (responsive, fade and slide transition effects, carousel mode), Responsive Slides (responsive, fade effect only), Coin Slider (four transition effects),

With friendly user interface, it is quite simple to create a new slider with this plugin. Just add slides to the slider and then select the slideshow type, choose transition effect and save the slider. A shortcode will be generated once you save the slider, and then you can insert the slider to your content by inserting the shortcode only.

This plugin has pro version, which includes more awesome features, you can pay $19 for a single site, $39 for 5 sites and $89 for unlimited site license.


Wow Slider (Free)

WOW Slider is a free responsive slide plugin and does not have a premium version. This popular plugin has got more than 330,000 downloads to date, which shows how popular it is.

Unlike most slider plugin, to create slider with this plugin, you need to download another program- WOWSlider Wizard. Using the wizard is just very easy. Once you’ve put together your slideshow, you can then upload it to the plugin. And then, just copy and paste the shortcode to your content to insert the slider.

For more information:

Easing Slider “Lite” (Free and Premium)

This plugin is also very popular, on WordPress Plugin Repository, it has been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

The outstanding features of this plugin are that it allows setting the dimensions and duration of your slider and includes the option to make your slides responsive. In addition, slide and fade effects are included. To insert slider to your homepage, you also only need to copy and paste the shortcode of the slider.

Before you start creating your slider, you need to download a lightweight plugin at just 16KB. You can only create one slide with the free verison, and if you need to create more, you need to upgrade the premium version which will cost you €19.99 for one site.

For more details, see:


Aside from these three slider plugins, many other similar plugins are available as well, but as for my recommendation, the LayerSlider should be your priority option. You can then consider some free plugin if you do not want to pay for that.

Three Plugins to Optimize Your WordPress Sites for Mobile Devices

As smart mobile devices become popular, using mobile devices to access internet becomes part of people’s daily life. Research shows(, about 2/3 cell phone users access internet via their phone, among this group, 1/3 (34%) of the cell phone users access internet Mostly using their phones. This data tells us that audience from mobile devices cannot be ignored if you are running a website.

If your site is not optimized for mobile devices and cannot bring good experience to those mobile users, you are losing a large number of visitors.

In order to expend your audience reach to the mobile ends, you need to make some efforts to optimize your site for mobile devices. Luckily, many great free and premium plugins can help us make it easily without tons of coding works.

In this article, I will introduce two most popular mobile optimization plugins for WordPress.

1.  WPtouch Mobile Plugin

This plugin is one of the most mobile plugins. So far, it gets more than 5.8 million downloads. So many people’s choice should not be wrong.

This mobile plugin for WordPress can automatically generate a mobile-only theme and display it to the mobile users only, which makes the content on your site easy to read on mobile devices.

Another important outstanding feature of this plugin is that it is very easy to use; users can custom the mobile theme without any difficulty. This plugin allows users to set blog post number in the list, recent post, theme colors, typography, footer sharing links, and more. The admin page includes almost everything you care about on the mobile devices.

The WPtouch Mobile Plugin Free provides only one theme for mobile; if you need more themes and more features, you can upgrade to Pro. Then you will get up to 6 themes and access to more extensions. The Pro version starts from $49 for a single site.

For more details, visit:

2. iTheme Mobile

iTheme Mobile is a premium mobile optimization plugin for WordPress. It is powerful yet simple to use.

Giving away extensive customization, Mobile adopts “Drop and go” setup method. It provides mobile-ready themes and lets you change basic style and color schemes for your mobile theme. Only the content from your posts and pages will be displayed on mobile devices when you use this plugin

Features of this plugin include a mobile theme style manager, a built-in custom header uploader, four themes for mobile starter and the ability to create your own, the option to assign different themes for different devices.

3. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

This plugin offers an easy way to switch your original theme to the mobile theme you selected when it detects a user visit your site using mobile device. With this plugin, you can choose one theme for iPhone, one for Android devices and another for Windows phones.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher is a lightweight plugin, though, it provides some optional settings, including how long the mobile theme is displayed for and whether to show the mobile-version of the site to desktop users.


After checking such king of mobile plugins, you may have found the best plugin for your site. On my part, I will choose WPtouch Mobile Plugin Free because it is free and easy to use. Anyway, you can choose the one you prefer, after all, features counts more.

Onetone Premium One-page Photography Template To Help Boost Your Business

Our recently updated PREMIUM Wordpress Theme Onetone has been released! This time we added up a few more perks to help build a small one-page business site with less effort. 

A little info about Onetone WP theme first: Onetone is a free 100% responsive one-page WordPress theme, it is designed for small business and personal blogs. With Onetone, you will be able to fluently and elegantly display all your business information in one page. We also provide a range of customization options, including homepage design, gallery, foot customizations and background video settings. The gallery design allows you to showcase all your products with little to no effort, and it is visible on homepage in areas you desire.

Or you can check our Onetone theme guide . It provides a detailed manual of how to install and use our premium Onetone theme plus our new features. If you purchase our theme now, you will be presented with two paid wordpress plugins on the house. 

How To Find A WordPress Theme Best For Your Site?

As independent media business growing rapidly today, more and more internet users have begun to step out of traditional bulk media and started their own personal blogs. Some of those blogs have a significant followers and profit would be asured. It is the reason why CMS like WordPress are so much welcomed nowadays. It is estimated that websites built with WordPress templates are reaching over 1 million, and growing by hundreds per day.


It is well known that WordPress allows customizations to your site. But for now the speed of WordPress themes development are clearly no match for that of WordPress sites being built, therefore you are guaranteed to see a lot of similar WordPress blog structures. As for SEO, that is not a good sign. Usually sites with similar structures or headlines are under Google’s careful watch.

So, how do we get a WordPress theme and customize it so it won’t look so identical?

For one, a theme should best fit for your purpose.

WordPress theme have a lot different styles. Mainly they can be categorized in personal use or for business site, that is to say if you are building a website for profiting, you may consider using a one-page designed theme.The customization feature should include CSS style, for those who are not so into coding, it’s okay, customization is not always about coding, just make sure you have enough shortcodes and options so you can change the apperance the way you like.



Secondly, a good WordPress theme should have enough visual customization options.

An appealing cover of your blog would no doubt standout for your readers. and a good WordPress theme should give you a number of choices so you can design your blog to best demonstration. These should at least include font, color, shortcodes, parallel design, background changes and header designs. A good blog is best known for its content, and with enough shortcodes, you could design your blog with better visual effect.

Thirdly, SEO should not be oversighted.

You may not care about keywords or rankings and stuff, but face it, a good WordPress should at least be search engine friendly. A simple structure design, some shortened codes, and a ALT for every picture plus a website map can really help you generate traffic.



To sum it up, a good WordPress theme should best suit for your purposes, whether business use or personal blogging. Then it should have an appealing visual effect customization, lastly, you better find a theme that is not too code tangled and search engine unfriendly. For as many WordPress theme users outthere, hope this article will help yours stand out.

WordPress 4.0 “Benny” Is Available for Download

The widely-talked WordPress 4.0 verions, named “Benny” in the honor of jazz musician & band leader Benny Goodman, is now available for download. This update brings you a smoother writing and management experience. And, it should be the most significant update in the years.

WordPress 4.0 “Benny”  New Features:

Gracefully manage the media. Browse the files you upload in the beautiful, endless grid. No matter how many media files you want to view or edit, new details for preview can make this process extremely quick.

Manage embedded video.Paste the YouTube URL in a blank line, it will magically become embedded video. Now try it with a tweeter. Yes – embedding now becomes a visual experience. Editor now are able to show the true embedded content preview, saving your time, and also increase your self-confidence.

WordPress 4.0 adds support for a number of default services – you can now embed video from CollegeHumor’s, playlists from YouTube and lectures from the TED.

Focusing on your content, writing and editing has now become smoother and more immersive. When you are writing, the editor will automatically expand to fit your content, and to ensure that formatting tools are always available.

Find the right plugins. WordPress plugin directory now has more than 30,000 free and open-source plug-ins. WordPress 4.0, improved search conditions and visual experience so you can find the right plug-ins much easier.

Updating WordPress does not change anything in your WordPress themes; so, do not worry about losing data when you update the WordPress.

WordPress’ Popularity Made Itself A Prime Target For Hackers


Imperva’s recent research


Recently Imperva conducted a research which shows that WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is 24.1% more likely to get attacked compared to other CMSs combined.

The research goes into details that websites using WordPress system has 60% more XSS incidents than those using other CMS platforms. It also concludes that hackers attack WP sites with higher traffic and frequency.



Popularity of WordPress made it a prime target

So far in the world there are approximately 75 million websites built based on WordPress CMS. The popularity of WordPress is a major reason for such a high attack rate. Hackers tend to use the most popular CMS and make it a profitable conduct. As the statistics go, about half of the attacks focused on retail WordPress built websites, as many of them tend to have a login system, hackers would then exploit the loophole and obtain customers’ private informations.



Worries from IaaS providers

Amichai Shulman, from Imperva also points out that infrastructure-as-a-service providers have more and more being used by hackers, an example is that 20% of all detected attacks are from Amazon Web Services. Many worry that if this situation has not gone under control, more and more IaaS providers will be the exploited.

How To Install A New Theme On Your WordPress Blog

Just ealier posted a blog about installing themes on your wordpress blog, with almost everyone using wordpress today, it is fascinating that people still have no clues of how to get new themes installed, here’s what they say about this matter:

Ever wonder how do people get so many cool looking WordPress blog covers on the internet,  with animated banners and nice structures? Perhaps you already know they are downloaded themes but you just don’t know how to install them? Here’s what I can tell you about the simple steps to install a nice looking theme to your WordPress blog.


Onetone WordPress Theme

Before You Begin

There are a variety of themes that you can choose on the internet, and their functions differ very differently, before you decide which theme you should want, it is best to preview them.

So Many WordPress Themes

Usually themes will change the way your blog cover looks, but sometimes they do so much more that you forgot all these new codes you put in your blog, so it best to keep track of your old ones so that you have the chance to change it back.

Also, you probably would want to keep an eye on your sidebar and widget, chances are the new theme will demolish all that, so if you have some old links that you want to keep, you should note them down somewhere!

The same goes for your SEO tools like Google Analytics, or perhaps your RSS features. You know what? Maybe it’s best to just backup your database, never hurts to be careful.

And now we begin to install the new theme!

 Choose Your Theme

There are a ton of WordPress themes that you can choose from, both free or paid versions, if you are a beginner and you don’t really need to buy professional features right now, let’s start with a free theme. Now, there are many website offer free theme online, but also, you can use the WordPress admin theme search bar to find what you like. To do this, you simply need to log in your blog admin, see your menu on the left, down right below there’s a category named “apperance”, click it and choose “themes”.


Appearance - Themes

On your “themes” page, you will find a button up there called “add new”, and then you are free to choose many features.

Add new

Or perhaps you already have a specific theme in mind, all you have to do is to input the name of the theme in the search bar.

After that, WordPress will present you a theme or a list of themes that matches your search, here we useOnetone for example, then flow your mouse over the theme frame, you will be given two options: Activate and preview.


Preview and install

To finally setup your install, just click the activate button and WordPress will take care of itself.

Or if you have downloaded a theme from elsewhere, you can click the botton below named “add new theme”,Add new theme

then click “upload theme”, it’s right on top beside “add themes”, select a theme zip file that you downloaded elsewhere and install, however this step is only available to premium accounts.


Upload Theme

We Are Finally There

WordPress themes usually come with a range of different settings and functions, some of them require to be hand activated. To do that, we just simply get to the “theme” page and flow your mouse over the current theme, and click customize.

Customize theme

In this customization page you should see a list of features that this theme provides, normally including headers, banners, structures, widgets, colors and more. Just remember to save your changes when you are done.


Customize your theme

Finally, we can preview your new blog! Your blog will look much more interesting now that with a new look, don’t forget to thoroughly check all your pages to make sure nothing went wrong, enjoy!

Other amazing WordPress Themes Free Download.

If you enjoy our blog, please feel free to contact me or comment below!